Laven Week #7 - Theme: Can You Hear Me?

"I dropped this… You kept quiet about this to Bookman and held onto it for me…” / “What’s wrong? It looks like your heart is torn to shreds!”

"Lavi… can’t you hear my voice…? Here… The only ones who can protect Lenalee and Chaoji are us. Krory said as much, didn’t he…?” / “”I” am not your comrade. “I” am the successor of Bookman, I’m nothing else but that.”

"The flames aren’t burning me… That means… Lavi, as if I’d let you die?!” / “I kinda understand… “I” was disappointed in humans. In the human world, they were always arguing - I thought I was different from them…”

Circle encircles the Earth, chance and choice break his heart. His Innocent arm moves to save me and I am spared. His beautiful arm is bloody and cut off, his heart ripped out to show me he loved me. But I wouldn’t believe him, he did all that he could, I still would not believe h i m … (x) (1/3)